Why Lease A Copier vs. Buying One?

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    A growing company that makes daily use of a copier would eventually end up grappling with this particular question: Should we lease or buy a copier instead? There are benefits and drawbacks to either side of the argument, but Austin Copier Leasing - ATG strongly believes that the ideal situation is to lease a copier instead of buying one.

    Ownership of the Copier

    In a lease, the dealer or company owns the copier issued in the lease contract. However, there are situations when the manufacturer is the legal owner. Not only that, certain leases have been structured in such a manner that the company can eventually purchase the copier when the lease term is up. In other cases, the terms and conditions are structured in such a manner that the buyout amount stands at $0. These have been carefully structured to reduce the burden of tax on a fixed asset for your organization.

    Depreciating Assets and Deductible Expenses

    Leasing a copier, or several at once, means you do not end up with a depreciating asset on the organization’s list. Apart from that, your organization also does not have to record down future lease payments under the liabilities section which will, in turn, open up the door to take advantage of additional credit when it comes to the expansion or maintenance of a business.

    Getting More Than Expected

    A primary advantage of leasing would be to obtain a far larger copier machine with all the bells and whistles as opposed to purchasing a brand new one for the organization. A more efficient copier that falls on the high-end scale will be able to increase productivity while lowering downtime, increasing efficiency at the workplace. This can be considered as a hidden benefit that is intangible on paper.

    Kiss Goodbye To Maintenance Issues

    The more sophisticated a particular copier machine is, the more complicated it will be to maintain and operate. This translates to a higher chance of things going awry even if one small part of the copier machine fails. Leasing a copier machine would solve any kind of maintenance headaches for your organization since it will be regularly serviced by qualified professionals to make sure that the leased copier machine runs in tip-top condition all the time.

    Apart from that, your organization will be able to save more costs as there is no need to hire an in-house engineer. The leasing company’s service crew is also well-versed with all of the products the copier company offers as well as in performing repairs quickly without any unwanted delay. In addition, if a particular copier machine experiences a mechanical failure that is beyond repair, the leasing company will send a working replacement as soon as possible so that there will be minimal disruptions to your organization’s workflow and efficiency.

    Having The Latest Model Always

    A typical lease agreement should provide the opportunity for an extension in exchange for a newer model, allowing your organization to remain ahead of the competition by providing the latest copiers that will certainly be able to better serve an expanding business.

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