Copier Service

Professional Copier Technician

At Austin Copier Leasing - ATG, we send you professional copier technicians knowledgeable about your machine. Because they are well-trained, they can resolve the issue in a short period. Yet, they keep track of the solution they provide. We commit to give you a cost-effective solution so you'll avoid overspending for a minimal problem.

Our friendly technicians assist you in different tasks including system upgrades and changes. If you need to link your copier to other networks or to a telephone system, you can count on our technicians. They are knowledgeable on hardware and software issues. If you hate troubleshooting, call us. We do the job for you.

Periodic Maintenance for Peak Performance

Periodic maintenance prevents downtime that kills productivity in the office. When you hire us, we guarantee to provide a regular check up on your equipment. We offer a service maintenance agreement. It covers common copier problems and other services you need. The detailed agreement allows you to predict your annual operational cost. It prevents untimely repair adding to the cost of your regular expenditure. The agreement covers several benefits saving your time and money. Our service maintenance agreement covers the following:
  • Regular supply of consumables
  • Accessibility to copier parts through our large inventory
  • Reduce device downtime
  • Automated ordering system
  • On-time delivery of supplies
  • Offer maintenance kits
  • Cover wide-range of brands
  • Copier management security
  • Consultation assistance
  • Preventive maintenance labor
  • Upgrades latest software version
  • Remote technical support
  • Quick response time
  • Detailed service report
  • Well-trained hardware and software technicians

Flexible Service Maintenance Agreement

We customize our service maintenance agreement based on the number of copies your office produce monthly. To provide the accurate supply you need each month, we developed a copier management system. It tracks your copier activity that serves as a basis for the resources you need. It figures out if you're using the right equipment and if you need an additional copier. You get all these features at no extra cost. If we find out during our maintenance check up that we need to repair your copier in our workshop, we provide a loan replacement machine. It prevents delay on the queue work in your office. If you want to get the full potential of your copier, sign up with our flexible service management agreement.

Our service maintenance agreement covers reasonable situations that recur when you buy a copier. Our automated system helps us to deliver an efficient and accurate result. So, we'll never over stock or under-stock your supplies. You'll receive the right amount of consumables each time you request for our service. Because we monitor your monthly consumption, we know when you need our help. We'll notify you on our next schedule of delivery even during the peak season. We monitor all our clients so we can provide them the proper attention each time they need us. Do you want us to treat your request as high priority? No problem. We’re more than happy to serve you.

Have you decided to sign up for a maintenance agreement? However, if you are overwhelmed with the benefits you’ll receive, Call us today. Our customer representatives are ready to explain the agreement to you. We aim to clarify the scope of the agreement so you’re confident when you sign up. Call us now and we’ll discuss it.
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