Copier Repair

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Our technicians mastered learning the features of various copiers. So, when errors occur, they can detect even the smallest problem affecting it. They examine the possible reasons for errors before telling you their conclusion. They tell you when it’s time to replace it or if a repair can solve it. The long-term experience they have addressing a wide range of copier issues helped them give the right solution. If the copier can be fixed, they’ll inform you. But they are honest enough to tell you if you need to replace it. As your guide, here are the common copier problems we fix:

First Call Resolution

At Austin Copier Leasing, we have a team of technicians trained to address different copier problems. If you want us to finish the work on the first visit, you can count on us. We have most of the parts replacement needed to repair your copier. You don't need to experience a delay to get the job done. We use the right parts to bring back your equipment to its full functionality. If our technicians need to come back, they’ll tell you exactly the problem. We’re here to repair your copier not to give you false promises.

Reliable Technicians

We are proud to say that our technicians provide high quality work. They follow the standard operating procedures accurately before giving recommendations. You may have heard stories about technicians who advise clients to replace their copier only to find out that they only need to replace the toner. We have seen these horrible stories and we don't want it to happen to you.

You deserve to know the right diagnosis to your copier. You get our technician’s honest feedback about its condition and the timeframe needed to fix it. You get an explanation of the cost of each part that needs replacement with no hidden charges. Our technicians keep an open mind to listen to your concerns even after we completed our work. We want you to be satisfied and your loyalty matters.

Do you have a copier in mind? Let us know. We’re here to match the copier’s features to your workload. Our heavy-duty copiers last for years. Call us today for a consultation.
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